SEO & UX tech updates, practices, code snippets, features we incorporate into our work and your site should too. The key topics are:

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    • Technical SEO (speed, efficiency, standards and best practice adherence)
    • Content and structure management (content and navigation logic for bots and humans)
    • Offsite SEO (popularity, relevancy, online neighbourhood)
    • User eXperience (visitor satisfaction => search engine happiness => more visitors)

Occasionaly, you might find some posts related to digital maketing in general, including PPC and social media, as these are an important complement to our services.

Latest SEO and UX heads up

Content moving to Twitter. Priority low, no deadline, tho.

SEO and UX related tech blogposts! Mildly interesting!

Some of hands-on SEO and UX stuff that we apply when optimizing and marketing clients' sites, our own projects and when updating our Spotlight app development.

Date Topic meta-description
1.1.2018SVG in CSS backgrounds  
1.1.2018Minification of HTML, CSS and JS  
1.1.2018Top 7 CSS minifiers comparison  
1.1.2018Benefits of using CDN  
1.1.2018Cloudflare's coolest features  
1.1.2018Inlining critical CSS  
1.1.2018Image CSS shorthanding  
1.1.2018Importance of website structure  
1.1.2018Website's multiple structure  
1.1.2018Automatic scraping of breadcrumbs, incl. the regex  
1.1.2018Automatic mixed content discovery, incl. the regex