Spotlight application framework

All-in SEO solution

Spotlight is our platform for building sites and apps optimized for search engines, friendly to users, attracting and maintaining relevant organic traffic.

Years of experience with advancing clients' web-based businesses and keeping up with online marketing development, technical SEO and UX are fused to give you a head start:
Search engines delivering more visitors, who are interested in your site.

Why come up with yet another framework, when there are so many publishing and e-commerce platforms already?

When building a site, there are two options to start with:

Spotlight is a framework for creating highly optimized applications with both the user and search engine in mind. It preserves benefits from each of the two above-mentioned, and eliminates most drawbacks, as described below. But mainly, optimizing an existing site is always a compromise, with so many obstacles, so we have decided to create a truly SEO-oriented platform.

Mission: Attraction of unpaid relevant traffic

Generally, web apps are built with user experience and business model in mind, and since the "standard" features get full attention, optimization is mostly a second priority task, done half-way, if at all.
Same goes for popular content management and publishing platforms: Being versatile and feature-rich prevents an effective custom optimization, so universal SEO plug-ins have been made available to tackle the task. But again - as a universal solution, they do a job half done and since they provide a universal advantage which anyone can leverage, it ceases to be an advantage after all.
Spotlight was developed as a marketing tool, and all the proven SEO features already integrated and still virtually any kind of site can be built on it.

Time to launch, price to build

Wordpress-like CMS pages can be launched within a few hours.
A custom site built from scratch takes several weeks or months to complete.
A Spotlight-based site setup is not as fast, but still faster then the latter option, since the core features already exist. Plus, these are proven on existing client solutions.
Of course, a pre-existing CMS site waiting to be themed and loaded with content, will always beat the price of a custom solution. A Spotlight app is half-way between a “boxed” CMS product and a custom-built app.

Features and customization

The business model of a popular CMS allows thousands of add-ons and plug-ins to exists. However, there is no guarantee that the specific one -you- need has been developed. For example, we have been unable to find a Wordpress plug-in, that would create a site structure in a way that we (and as Google states in its Structured Data General Guidelines) would appreciate, in order to help improve rankings of the site in question.

Also, the later-described sustainability and future-proofing problem may arise.
Custom features will do the job, whichever you might need. With Spotlight, there is a chance it already exists, or at least it is on its way.

Sustainability and obsoletion

Widespread CMSs are constantly under community development (which is good in many ways), but they also rely heavily on third-party features often supported by single individuals (which is risky). Plug-ins, for example, may become incompatible with an upcoming version of the CMS, should their development be halted by the author. Or, if the feature relies on an online service, which proves unprofitable, it may be stopped completely.

Being in-house solutions, custom apps and Spotlight are mostly immune to this problem, as many of the features are created by the developer. This also helps future-proofing, because planned obsoletion is in the hands of the author/owner.

Maintenance and upgrades

When growing bigger online, the requirements for maintenance grow too. Overall performance and profitability will depend on a larger set of details. To tackle these, a specialist’s skill set will be required, However, you will still dependent on a third-party system, with zero control of its core features. This happens to be the main reason for outgrowing Wordpress and migrating to an in-house custom app.
Spotlight allows you to keep in touch with the developer of your entire solution.