IT Talent Pool

Delivery of IT professionals

Executive search with specialization in IT roles (information technology).
We focus on searching and recruiting IT specialists and managers for international and Czech companies.

Regardless of whom your digital endeavour requires,
we bring you the first league of IT professionals. You name it:

  • Admins (apps, system, database)
  • Analysts (business, IT, data)
  • Architects (enterprise, infra, solution..)
  • Big data boys
  • Cybersecurity engineers
  • Developers (backend & frontend)
  • Network specialists
  • UX/UI designers
  • etc..


  • IT executive search & headhunting
  • Coverage of different kind of IT positions (juniors/mediors/seniors professionals)
  • Recruitment/Direct Search/Executive Search/Headhunting with specialized in IT roles
  • Focus on international clients and candidates with language combinations
  • close business partnership with several Czech companies in terms of headhunting and recruitment services

Solutions for customers:

  • recruitment of full-time workers, permanent placement
  • delivery of IT professionals available to work under a business license

List of currently available IT specialists

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