Reaching your online goals. Since 2006.

Looking for an affordable online marketing package?

Regardless of what your business demands, you can get a one-size-fit-all product from our competition.

Looking for a cliché?

These we can do too! No problem in emphasizing the face to face approach, promising you a custom solution tailored to your needs, a solution that will make you money, or taking the extra step to your 100% satisfaction, etc.. ;)

Looking for the real thing?

If, however, you are interested in identifying drawbacks in your online presence and its unleveraged potential, we want to talk to you about its future development, the role within your business and its position among competing websites. Effectively managed campaigns or well optimized websites are not our goals, but tools for reaching yours. We aim for long-term, mutually profitable strategies with informed clients. For 12 years now.

SEO, UX, digital marketing

Clients & Achievements

SEO, SEM and webdev for small businesses, e-shops and microsites

This includes efficient campaigns, optimization of smaller websites, e-shops and corporate microsites. These include Wordpress, Magento and Squarespace CMS integrations, ending-up with developing our own SEO solution for top-performing sites - the Spotlight framework .

A client who benefits from our services can be virtually anyone, regardless of already running a site or not. Our client verticals include the following:

  • real estate
  • human resources
  • personal growth
  • law firms
  • construction
  • facilities

€ 2.000.000 of player's money delivered, and counting..

As a partner to dozens of online gaming companies, for more then a decade, we have delivered relevant traffic worth millions to the following leading brands:

#1 in Affiliate Challenge 2008 by

We took first place in's 2008 Affiliate Challenge for being the most progressive partner of this world's leading online gaming operator.

Sounds familiar? You have probably seen the bwin logo worn by world's top players:



David Beckham

Proven, professional services for web-based businesses and corporations

Range of our clients speaks for itself. So does effectively spending an online marketing budget for a bank or an insurance company for 4 years in a row.

  • UNEX - metallurgical and engineering group, a world-known manufacturer of heavy engineering components, a long-term partner of numerous multinational industrial corporations
  • Kooperativa - insurance company, a member of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) operating in 22 countries
  • Orea Hotels & Resorts - largest Czech hotel operator
  • Danubius Hotel and Spa Private Company Limited - hotel chain operating in 5 countries
  • Korado - manufacturer of steel radiators. 50 years of history, 30 000 000 customers worldwide
  • Komerční banka - one of leading banking institutions Central Europe, member of the Société Générale Group

Now that we have your attention: Who are we?, a central-european digital non-agency providing great online marketing services, including development of competitive online apps, for all sorts of clients from entrepreneurs to international giants.

Like, what is “non-agency” supposed to mean?

Being a "non-agency means, we don’t "go to work", because we employ unemployable professionals, who rock at their field of expertise, but beyond that are capable of identifying client’s needs, proposing and communicating a solution, bringing it to life and evaluating its effect on your whole business plan. You can’t pay them a salary or keep them at a desk for 8 hours. But you can offer them a collaboration ecosystem under a proven brand, based on shared values, processes, and team support. A synergy, where everyone benefits.

For you, as a client, this means, that you have a team of people, which you, or any employer, can’t bring together. (Plus, they are coordinated, substitutable, and doing only what fulfills them.)

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